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Nottingham has a lot of high class escorts that can cost a pretty penny. This is not surprising since it is also the capital of the lace-making industry. All of those garments have to be test driven by somebody!

But Nottingham isn’t all about spending mad money to have a good time. There are plenty of inexpensive options when looking for a female escort in Nottingham.

One such option is to use an independent girl working out of a shared apartment. There are a lot of girls from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and more who have nice apartments in the city and accept incalls. Some even work a 24 hour schedule or have a network of girls set up to service you whenever it is convenient for you.

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You are free to spend your money how you want to. Escorts come in all sorts of price points and services available in those price points. You might do better to find a cheap escort and spend the money you save on drinks and dinner. Girls are happy to bust out of the dull one hour deal – meet you at a hotel, do the deed, done, bye! They would much prefer to go out on a date and then back to the hotel. Even if the date is in the hotel bar.

When looking for cheap escorts Nottingham is an excellent place to begin your search. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scour the city wearing a sandwich board sign and ringing a bell to find them. Just whip out your phone and look them up on

Of course, if you are only interested in the one hour show, by all means use for that as well. Nobody is going to fault you for wanting to save money!