Hot Lingerie Model Escorts

hot lingerie model escorts

One of the top reasons most guys go for escorts over prostitutes is the hotness factor. This can be construed in every context of the term. Outcall  and incall escorts are usually several levels of hotness above their street girl counterparts. On top of that they dress to impress. While there are some trashy looking street girls out there in lingerie they don’t hold a candle to the hotness factor of a top model escort wearing expensive lingerie. These girls tend to look like they just popped right out of the pages of Playboy!

You can feel like a true player if you have the right escort wrapped around your arm. Girls are more than just eye candy and full body massages. You can have a girl take you around the city as a tour guide or take her for dinner and shopping. They often make great gift buying coaches if you need to take exceptional items back home to the wife and kids.

Get lost in a dream of royalty with a top model escort!