Why Go To An Incall Escort?

why get an escort

Women ask this question of their men all of the time. Why do guys go to incall escorts? First I will drop some 411 on what an incall escort is. Simple put she is a callgirl that you go to instead of having her come to you. Which would be an outcall if she did. And why do men use them? Because they are willing to do all of the things their wives are not willing to do!

Escorts are pretty open about doing a full level of service on incalls. You can often find ones that state they are A-level escorts. That is code for taking it in the ass. You might even find one that does ATM, or ass-to-mouth. For the most part though, they tend to be a lot more sophisticated that a lady of the night standing on a street corner for Johns. So you are not going to have to worry about getting crabs or other scary stuff from an incall escort.

To conclude; why get an incall escort? Because she looks hot in lingerie. She will treat you like you are in the royal family. Her ability to have sex borders in the professional level with enough spunk to make you feel like this isn’t some assembly line sex room. Pretty much because she is the exact opposite of a wife!