Why You Should Use Escorts If You Like Celebrities

High priced escort Suzy Favor Hamilton aka Kelly Lundy


Oh the wonderful world of escorting. You never really know who you are going to end up getting when you hire an escort. Sure her name says Kelly Lundy on the website, but who is she really? Turns out, in this case anyway, she is a three time Olympian and star in many commercials dedicated to her sexy looks including a shower scene for a Pert Plus shampoo commercial. You might be wondering how many of this call girl’s johns knew who she was, but don’t. As it turns out she let them know who true identity. Not too smart if you truly wanted things to be kept secret. While Suzy Favor Hamilton never won a medal during her Olympic career she gets a Gold in my book!

You would be shocked at how many girls in the escort industry are living a double life. New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami; these are just some of the places where coed girls and hot MILF women with celebrity status lead a double life as an elite escort. Who knows, maybe the next girl you reserve will look awfully familiar to you. Maybe because you just saw her in a shampoo commercial minutes before she knocked on your hotel room door!